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Building Wealth & Happiness


Let the magic of his words and his message inspire you in this book of powerful, thought provoking ideas and insights.

"Your book has touched me in so many ways. I had tears in my eyes and laughter in my heart. Your book is a diamond and so are you." - J.C. CANPAR

"I am 12 years old with cystic fibrosis and cherish your book and the amazing messages in it. Now when I have a bad day I turn to the book and I know everything is going to be all right." - A.S. KITCHENER

"Your book has caused me to refocus on all that is positive in life. Words are not enough to express how your book has deeply touched me.You have a special gift Maurice."- D.S. SASKATCHEWAN

Experience this wonderful compilation of stories and advice brilliantly composed by Maurice O'Callaghan in his first inspirational book. It will make you laugh and cry and be excited by how simple choices can enrich your life every day.

Inspire and rejuvenate yourself with your very own CD of Maurice's

“A Magic Way of Going”.

A Magic Way of Going is a journey that will change your life and the lives you touch each day. The “Magic Way” seminars will show you how to balance your personal and professional life, enrich your leadership skills, turn your problems into opportunities and use creative thought to energize yourself and your organization. They will inspire and help you achieve your own wonderful possibilities.

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