The introduction is actually the beginning of the presentation, setting the audience mood and establishing the bridges Maurice refers to in his program. It is time tested and in addition makes the emcee look polished. The person introducing the speaker should understand the importance of the assignment and read it as written without alteration.. Thank you.

It is now my pleasure to introduce one of Canada's finest international speakers, Maurice O'Callaghan, whose presentations have been heard by thousands of people across North America and the Caribbean.

Maurice was born and educated in Toronto and now makes his home in Amherstburg, Ontario. He brings a wealth of personal and managerial experience to the speaking platform. For 30 years he was a manager with one of Canada's largest corporations and has extensive experience in the fields of customer service, communications, public relations, marketing and human development. In 1986 he converted his knowledge into a highly successful career as a professional speaker.

Maurice is a member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is one of the few Canadian speaking professionals with the prestigious National Speakers Association based in Arizona. He is listed in "Who's Who in Professional Speaking," has been featured in community and national newspapers and appears on radio and television.

Maurice also played professional football for the Toronto Argonauts. Prior to playing for the Argos he was 6' 4". He's now 5' 9".

Get ready for some wonderful perspectives you won't soon forget. Would you welcome please an author, ex-Argo, one of Canada's finest speakers and still Mrs. O'Callaghan's favourite son,

Maurice Timothy Steven Patrick O'Callaghan