The Art of Being Professional

Program Running Time: 90 minutes

The Art of Being Professional is a seminar on managing professionally that teaches managers the important lessons first, lessons that are usually learned only through painful experience. It is about core values and leading in ways that produce positive results, excellent relationships and great places to work. Management is an art, not a science, a skill in performance acquired by study, observation, reflection and experience. The Art of Being Professional is about how ordinary people can lead, manage and motivate others to do exceptional things.

Developed and delivered by Maurice O'Callaghan, this seminar provides over one hundred great ideas learned during a thirty year career as a senior manager with one of Canada's most successful corporations. It is a masters' course on managing which every new manager or supervisor must attend. And it's a great refresher for experienced managers who need to manage increasing spans of control and work loads in a fast changing environment. It provides direct, simple and easy to apply ideas that will prevent countless hours of unproductive time.

The Art of Being Professional will help everyone with management responsibility find more time, create better working experiences, build stronger teams and increase their professional effectiveness.