One in a Billion

Program Running Time: 60-90 minutes

Every day in North America there are billions of transactions. But there is only one that is really important. It's the one that your customer is currently involved in.

One in a Billion provides a unique way of seeing and understanding what great service looks like and how to make each customer feel important. It reveals how to treat customers so they come back for more and bring others with them.

One in a Billion is designed to change the way service is provided. It's based on the concept that all of us are in the service business and the service which any group or organization provides is an accumulation of the quality of the entire service chain. Within that chain, each of us makes a critical difference.

One in a Billion is filled with humour and wonderful examples of how the "wow" factor can make the difference between ordinary transactions and extraordinary service. It provides easy to use ideas and practical examples of how to ensure that each customer experience is truly "One in a Billion." In the most competitive time in history, this is a seminar no one can afford to miss.