Giants and Champions

Program Running Time: 70 minutes

Winston Churchill said of Winnipeg's William Stevenson, the man called "Intrepid," and his team of intelligence agents, "We may feel sure that nothing of which we have any knowledge, ever done by mortal men, surpasses their daring and feat of arms. "

William Stevenson is typical of the Canadians you will meet in Maurice O'Callaghan's marvellous story, Giants and Champions - a story that takes you through 100 years of Canadian history and celebrates the exceptional talents and accomplishments of the people who built the largest nation on earth. It is an incredible story of sacrifice, bravery and excellence that will make you laugh, cry and feel proud to be Canadian.

Giants and Champions chronicles the achievements of an amazing nation whose people have, in every field of endeavour, changed the course of history. It is the story of Canadians who perform the impossible with scarcely a sound.

Giants and Champions will give you an entirely new perspective on Canada and the unlimited potential of your tomorrows. Hearing Maurice O'Callaghan talk about Canada is a unique and moving experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.