A Magic Way of Going

Program Running Time: 60 - 180 minutes

A Magic Way of Going is a seminar about turning all change into remarkable opportunities that await us in a world which no longer fits geographic or economic boundaries. It is delivered by one of Canada's finest and most popular professional speakers, Maurice O'Callaghan, who brings something special to every audience. He changes the way we see ourselves.

A Magic Way of Going is a journey that will change your life and the lives you touch each day. This is a seminar that will show you how to balance your personal and professional life, how to turn problems into opportunities and how to use creative thought to energize yourself and your organization. It will introduce you to your own limitless possibilities.

No matter what your goals or accomplishments, A Magic Way of Going will give you a new perspective on what is possible. It is about how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. It is a journey you will be glad you began because it will last forever.