If They Could See Me Now

Program Running Time: 60 minutes

If They Could See Me Now is a powerful seminar about belief and how we can reach for new horizons when we have the support of others. Realizing our potential in both our personal and professional lives cannot be done without the belief and the assistance of others. This program is about how to make this happen.

If They Could See Me Now draws on the speaker's own experiences as a young boy and chronicles the stories of some amazing people who changed the world by the power of their own belief and the belief others had in them. It is a journey that has lessons for us all, whether we are parents, teachers, bosses or coaches. Every day there are opportunities to help others fly and to grow our own wings.

If They Could See Me Now is a session guaranteed to change the way you see your life and the other people in it and to help you and them, reach for the stars.