Speaking Professionally

Program Running Time: 90 minutes

Speaking Professionally is a seminar which teaches you how to make professional presentations every time. You will learn the techniques used by the world's most successful professional speakers.This program includes dozens of powerful tips to help you deliver effective speeches and presentations. Among the topics covered are:

... building a talk from the ground up
... how to create a great opening and close
... getting your audience involved
... using personal stories to make your talk unique
... when to use notes and how to do it effectively
... why and how to write a professional introduction
... handouts, when and how to use them
... controlling questions
... the use and misuse of humour
... visual aids, when, where and how to use them
... making physical arrangements work for you
... turning a microphone into a partner
... how to cope with nervousness.

There are few skills more valuable than the ability to speak with confidence. Studies prove that speaking in public ranks as our number one fear ahead of death. Attending this seminar will change your fear of speaking into a platform of opportunity.