The Vimy Ridge Experience

Program Running Time: 60 - 90 minutes

In the cold grey dawn of Easter Monday 1917, one hundred thousand Canadian soldiers attacked the impregnable fifty story fortress known as Vimy Ridge. In six hours they did what two great British and French armies had tried unsuccessfully to do for over two years. They captured Vimy Ridge. An army of civilians from a country with no military tradition changed the course of history. The principles they used are not about war and they are still valid a generation later.

The Vimy Ridge Experience is an inspiring insight into one of history's greatest military victories and the leadership principles, which made it possible. The lessons learned at Vimy Ridge are about people and process and being the best that we can be. They are about attitudes and teamwork and how ordinary people can do extraordinary things under the most difficult circumstances. This program is about success and succeeding in the face of incredible odds.

The Vimy Ridge Experience provides the concepts necessary to survive and grow in a global village, concepts that are essential to the life of every organization. It is a moving, unforgettable experience that presents a different sense of what is possible and how to make it happen. The Vimy Ridge Experience will broaden your horizons and raise the expectations of both you and your organization.

We all have our Vimy Ridges. They can be conquered by people working together with a shared vision and a genuine belief in, and concern for, each other. The Vimy Ridge Experience is a remarkable seminar on leadership and teamwork.